Restoration 2

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Margaret Korb

        MELLOTRON M400 #872

Yes, you can get new tapes...

Electricals, Mechanicals, and Cosmeticals...


Fortunately someone had replaced the old CMC-10 motor controller with an SMS.  22 volts, spot on!  Note the rocker switch just left of center in the front of the picture, which Jerry installed in place of the old switch for which you can never find the old red plastic caps anyway...


Part of the restoration includes a tear down and cleaning of the innards.  When a Mellotron is cleaned up on the inside and properly adjusted, it can play well.

Unfortunately many machines were left unused or tossed out because they didn't play right when all that was needed was a little cleaning or maintenance...or maybe some new tapes:

#872 in "Skellotron" form


#872's cabinet was very typical of your original M400 with chips, scratches, and worn corners.

To prevent the feets from crashing through, Jerry installs a strong sheet of plywood under the bottom of the machine.

Under normal circumstances, the feets ain't gonna crash through this thing!  Well, maybe if you put your CS-80 and your pet rhino on top of it...

If requested, the cabinet is torn down completely and refinished, as with the case of #872.  Below all the parts are sanded and getting ready for primer:

Jerry uses a HVLP (high volume, low pressure) system and tough epoxy paint that produces amazing results.

The resulting surface is really tough and will resist chipping, dings, pets, small nuclear explosions, and the occasional tragic beer spill!

Uhh, Jerry...What brand of paint did you say that was...?

The cabinet, with the machine ready to be reassembled:

With #872 almost ready, it's time for MONEYPIT to reconvene at the Mellotron Ranch! -->

Caution:  Working on Mellotrons can affect the mind.