Margaret Korb

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Margaret Korb

Margaret Korb

As many in the Mellotron community were aware, Jerry's mom, Margaret Korb--the "original MK-I"--had been in declining health for a while.  I am thrilled that Mrs. Korb was able to be a wonderful part of our MONEYPIT adventure.  Please take a moment to read what Jerry had to say about his mom, who is sadly no longer with us.


Margaret Korb, A Special Thank-You 

Long before I acquired MK-I #124 “Julia”, and long before I met my “better half” Mali, there was another MK in my life. My dear mother Margaret Korb. 

Mom has seen it all, from my earliest years, thru school, hobbies, cars, girlfriends, and of course, my music and Mellotrons. Thumbing-thru family photos from long ago, I realize how quickly those decades of my life have passed.  

In like fashion, I tenderly looked-thru ancient photo albums of my parents, a wonderfully documented chronicle going way back to the 1920’s. As Mom began to experience the onset of memory-loss, I was there to help preserve and remember those times gone-by. 

How can one briefly commit to writing, a tribute of gratitude to my folks for my very existence? They were there to guide me, support and disapprove alike, all aspects of my past and even present years. For this reason, I decided that Mom must be a part of a MONEYPIT unveiling & gathering. 

All my skills at woodworking/restoration were the result of patiently watching my father in his garage-workshop, and learning. Years later, my own electronics interests added to those talents . Result was every Mellotron restoration project documented in Ken’s MONEYPIT series. I’m sure my dad would have highly approved of my work in the 24 years since he left us. 

So Mom, here it is. I am eternally grateful for the life-path you/Dad have guided me along. I would not be the person I am today, if not for you. And I will cherish every moment we still have together, until the final days, and smile in fond remembrance.

The long-ago holiday gatherings, Xmas gifts, birthday parties, the Lake Hopatcong Years, science-fair experiments in the basement, educational vacation-trips, schooling thru college, Mellotron music and much much more. 

With All My Love, your son Jerry

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