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Metrodyne Single Dial / Metrodyne Super-Eight

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Jerry dabbles in restoring electronics as well (old radios and televisions).  He happened into this gorgeous old wireless receiver, and it has been fully restored cosmetically.  This old Metrodyne Super-Eight AM set is unusual in that it has a two-band equalizer (a.k.a. tone controls).  In keeping with the Chicago theme, this radio was built in 1928 by the Metro Electric Company of Chicago, Illinois.

Unfortunately replacements for elements in the power supply have not been located at this time, so the radio is not in working condition.  Maybe one of these days...

March 10, 1930 - Date on a tube in the Metrodyne Receiver

Mellotron Professor Jerry Korb's attention to detail is evident in his home-built JKMK6 and his own fully restored (and improved) Mellotron Mark I (sorry, no three-arse bench...yet...:-) ).

The JKMK6 (or JK MK6 or JK-MK6) comprises two Mellotron M400s driven by a single motor/capstan assembly run through purpose-built amplification in a beautiful hand-built cabinet.

...a special multimedia presentation

Jerry Korb discusses the motivation behind his creation.

Jerry's Mellotron Mark I has been restored and refinished (yes, even the flowcoat can be refinished, as Jerry found out through lots of elbow grease!), and it has the original sounds.

But that's not all!

Research into the machine's electronics has allowed Jerry to figure out how to cut down on the noise from the machine, thus improving the sound.  Much of the hum from the old beastie is gone!

The Engineer's Notebook - All modifications and improvements are documented

The Mark I
...a special multimedia presentation
bulletRight click here and do Save As... to save the file locally and play from your machine.  Windows Media, 1'37", 2.5MB

Observe the Mark I cycling, and see Jim Parthun make his way through the "Watcher of the Skies" intro using Accordion and Mixed Brass.  Is this what Tony Banks used?  YOU be the judge!

After some time in the workshop, it was time for dins...and departure. -->