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Jerry's barn at night






Jerry's Barn

We'll get back to Mellotrons in a minute.  We took a break from them during the weekend to head out around Jerry's area for a bit of touristy fun!

Ber & Jerry's Ice Cream...?
Stowe, VT - The home of Ber & Jerry's Ice Cream...?

The Mellotron Ranch is off a dirt road somewhere in Vermont, not far from Burlington.  It's all woods.  Mt. Mansfield, Vermont's highest peak, is a few miles away, as are Smuggler's Notch, Stowe, and the capital of Montpelier.  Canada is a stone's throw, too.  Jerry, Dave, and Bernie drove off for the afternoon to catch some of the nearby touristy areas and scenery.

Dave and Bernie at Metcalf Pond Dave and Bernie were at Metcalf pond, which is near Jerry's house.  (click these for larger images)

Freshwater mussels at Metcalf Pond They showed off their fresh water mussels.

Dave and Bernie at Smuggler's Notch Ski Area It's a bit early in the season for skiing in Stowe, guys!  Not long now, though...

Dave and Jerry taking in Vermont scenery

Dave at the Von Trapp Family Lodge The Von Trapp Family Lodge

Then it was over to Stowe, which is a very popular tourist area not far from the capital of Montpelier.  Stowe is essentially a ski resort town known for its artsy shops and restaurants, and in nearby Waterbury, it's Ber & Jerry's...uhhh, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.

Dave Schwartz spoiling his appetite
Don't spoil your appetite!  Jerry's doing a BBQ!

Then it was back to the Mellotron Ranch for a nice afternoon on the deck and some good eats with some great steak tips and some fixins that Mali Korb had prepared (including BBQ'ed corn...sorry, Peg, I chowed on your share).

Dave, Bernie, and Ken out on the deck and needing beer


mmmmmm...steak tips...
Jerry mans the grill!
mmmmm...steak tips...

Vermont in the summertime cannot be beat!  Our weather was perfect, although a fall chill was in the air at night, which was to be expected in early September.

Now that the tour is over, let's get back to things 'tronic! -->