#310 - Unveiling

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M400 #310
#310 - Unveiling
Unveiling Part 2
Most Civilised
M400 #500
#500 - Unveiling
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Session 2 Ends

The Unveiling!

The BBQ underway and all the guests present, it was time for "the reveal", as they like to call it on TV.

The group waits for the unveiling of Mellotron M400 #310

Present for the reveal are (L to R) George, Tony, Larry Fast, Phyllis Fast, Mali Korb, and Peg (the Mrs.).  Off-camera are Coop, Jerry, Angel, Evie, Keith, and Dave.  And M400 #310, of course!

Larry Fast's Mellotron
The Synertron - A piece of musical history restored

Hey, wait a second...Larry and Phyllis Fast...?  Yep.  Larry Fast and his lovely wife Phyllis live in New Jersey, and Jerry Korb knows Larry through various historical (and musical) interests.  Last year Jerry also brought Larry's Mellotron back to working condition (click here to check that out).

For those who may not know, Mr. Larry Fast has been involved in the music business for decades.  Not only is he a fine musician/songwriter/arranger/producer/engineer, he also has a knack for electronics.  In fact, he and I were talking about what may be wrong with Dave's Prophet 5, and I get the impression he wouldn't have minded digging into it!  Larry's latest major project is working with Tony Levin.

It was nice having Larry and Phyllis with us for the day.

For more about Larry Fast and his music, tours, and upcoming projects, visit the SYNERGY® web site.

Larry and Phyllis Fast chat with fans
Coop, George, and Mali chat with Larry and Phyllis Fast

I think by that time poor Dave was ready to chew nails.  But mercifully it was time for the reveal!

Dave Schwartz can't wait for Jerry Korb to reveal Mellotron M400 #310
Jerry Korb kept the speech short (about 20 minutes)

I think Dave likes it...

Yeah, Dave likes it...

Restored Mellotron M400 #310

Mellotron M400 control panel with the Mark V rocker switch
The on/off switch has been replaced by the type used in the Mark V,
a lighted rocker switch

013# 004M nortolleM - Mellotron M400 #310

Inside Mellotron M400 #310 Click on the image for a closer look under the keyboard.  It plays as good as it looks.  :-)
Another Sound Sales bodge---unbodged! A little archaeology:  Yes, it is one of those.  It has been unbodged, thankfully.

As Dave would say...Niiiiiice.


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