M400 #310

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M400 #310
#310 - Unveiling
Unveiling Part 2
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#500 - Unveiling
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Arrives in New Jersey

Dave Schwartz was anxious to get his Mellotron.  You have to understand that he'd never played it.  Heck---he'd never seen it!  Bernie Kornowicz arranged the deal, and the machine went right to Vermont along with Bernie's.

Mellotron M400 #310 in Jerry's van Jerry and Mali brought the 'tron from the Vermont workshop to Dave's house in New Jersey.  The Korbs stayed at Jerry's mom's house not far outside of New York City prior to the 'tron delivery.  It was steamin' hot for those few days, so Jerry parked the van under the carport and hoped for the best.  We all know how heat and humidity can affect a Mellotron!  (But then again so does cold, decent room temperature, phases of the moon, birds flying overhead...)

Dave Schwartz, Jerry Korb, Mellotron M400 #310

We got the 'tron out of the van and downstairs to the music room--with the machine still in its Protect-O-Muff.  It wasn't time for the unveiling yet!

That was around 10:30am, and the real unveiling wasn't until our BBQ was in full swing...several (agonizing) hours away, huh, Dave?  :-)  We sent Dave out of the room, and Peg promised to keep him busy while Jerry "unveiled" the 'tron for the camera and made sure any last minute adjustments were done.

Jerry Korb removes Mellotron M400 #310 from its Protect-O-Muff       Last minute adjustments on Mellotron M400 #310

Jerry and Mali Korb play Mellotron M400 #310
Mrs. Professor Mali Korb lays down some chops

The New Home

Although Dave doesn't play so much in his basement these days (practice sessions are down the street), there's still enough equipment there to make noise, and certainly enough for the M400 to be happy.  Dave usually plays drums or guitar.

Dave Schwartz's music room

This is the Mellotron's new home.  Dave has a PolySix (which he spotted discarded on the curb) and a Prophet 5 (the Prophet 5 was purchased from the "Cats" musical on Broadway). 

Little Evie lays down some chops on the Prophet 5!
Little Evie lays down some chops

Unfortunately these instruments aren't in the best of shape, although they do make sound.  The Prophet 5 is probably a Rev. 2, nice and "phat".  The PolySix--when it works--sounds like a...ummm...PolySix.  Gotta get them fixed up, Dave!  And there's a Matrix 6 keyboard as well, on which Dave used to make his imitation 'tron violin sound. 

There's the piano, too, ...

Little Evie hittin' some skins!
Little Evie hittin' some skins

...and a set of drums.  I'm not sure which instrument little Evie will wind up playing.  Perhaps all of them?

The ARP 2600 in the picture, "The Problem Child", is Your Webmaster's, just picked up from the repair shop.

ARP 2600

Ken Leonard patching up the ARP 2600 "Where the hell does this one go...?"

More on the ARP here...


So let's head over to the unveiling of #310!-->