Most Civilised

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M400 #310
#310 - Unveiling
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Most Civilised
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#500 - Unveiling
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The Mellotron.  Most Civilised.



Peg Schwartz lays down some chops.

Click here for the video:

The Mellotron.  Most Civilised.

Hear M400 #310 in action!

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Dave and Peg Schwartz Peg Schwartz is a really good sport.  She donned her hand-made historical garb and had fun posing with Dave's new little white friend with black feets.

Don't let the cheery smiles fool you.  Peg doesn't let Dave get away with anything (although he thinks he does)And neither one of those guys is afraid to stand up to a Yankees fan!  :-)

I want to thank Dave and Peg for their hospitality during my stay there in New Jersey.  It was a lot of fun!

Oh, by the way...M400 #310's nickname?  Why, Margaret, of course!  I told you Dave doesn't get away with anything!

More from New Jersey...

On the afternoon of the BBQ Dave, Jerry, and I took a walk to the nearby Lackawanna Cutoff, which is a local abandoned railbed.  Click below:

Lackawana Cutoff near Andover, New Jersey

The Lackawanna Cutoff was built in 1910, a pretty straight railroad line starting in Port Morris, New Jersey and ending in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  For more information, you can Google or click here.  The Pequest Fill, near Dave and Peg's place, is an engineering marvel for its time...or any time for that matter!

The railbed in the above photo used to contain two sets of rails, then one, now none.  It's now a haven for ATVs and dirt bikes, but the large gravel chunks aren't much good for walking.

There is talk about restoring passenger rail service along the Lackawanna Cutoff.

In the third picture is a pond near Dave's house.  Yes, a lot of New Jersey is surprisingly rural.  The eastern part not far from New York City is a heck of a lot busier!  When you get about an hour out of that region, there are more trees than people.  Dave regularly sees fox, deer, and other critters in his backyard.  Every morning a flock of blue jays comes by for a handout.

Oh, one of these stopped by, too:

Black bear cub in northern New Jersey

This little critter thought he'd grab a quick lunch out of the Schwartz's garage.

Thank you, Dave and Peg!

Jerry Korb refinishes Mellotron M400 #310, "Margaret" ...and fine work on "Margaret", Professor Korb!

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