The Reveal

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M400 #1414 Before
M400 #203 Before
Fixing the Mellotrons
The Big Wait
The Reveal
Odds and Ends

Oops!  One final check!

OK, whew, we're good to go.


VIDEO:  THE REVEAL OF M400 #1414 AND M400 #203!

A fabulous multimedia presentation!



Yes, this is #203, that hideous black blob of rust.  Spiffy!


"They look like twins!"


#1414 and #203 rewired and cleaned up


<-- No more matchbooks!  (click for a larger image)


Martin and JB of Streetly did their thing to get the azimuth right
(they offer this service for your Mellotron as well)


Too much glare!


<-- As usual, Jerry hogs the machines...

...but finally Charlie got a chance. -->


Your Webmaster congratulates Charlie - some nice machines there, bro!


This was a great dual-reveal, and I think Mr. Hemlock was pretty happy about it.  Both machines looked and played great, but #203 took the cake.  It went from being the resident of a swamp to being one of the most playable M400s.  Congrats, Charlie, and I wish you many happy years of awesome sounds from your machines!

The reveal over, it was time to break for lunch and a brief tour of Jerry's area in Vermont.  Click here. -->