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Friday Arrival
Friday Night
Lacing New Tapes
Saturday Night
Odds and Ends
As seen in...


At times it looked like a regular Mellotron assembly line.

And at times it sounded like a train wreck.  Yeah, listening to several Mellotrons being adjusted at once can grate on you...

JB cleaning and oiling up a motor.


Minor surgery on some pad arms...Grafting on some felt.


John was puzzled about Mike Rivers' power supply...and how all the magic smoke came out of it!
Don't worry.  John was able to un-bodge the soldering job and get the machine's SMS-4 controller working perfectly---just before we all had to leave on Sunday.  Whew!

Martin and Dennis look on as John un-bodges a "Sound Sales" 'tron.
These 'trons were sent over from the UK and sold through Bill Eberline's Sound Sales.  But before they left Sound Sales, the 'trons were messed up a bit.  If you have one of these...
bulletThe motor controller is turned 90 degrees such that the heat fins are horizontal.  Dismount, re-drill the mounting holes, and put the controller back on correctly.
bulletThe tape take up box was reinstalled incorrectly.  Streetly M400 take up boxes have brackets underneath (which help stabilize the motor) and little wooden wedges up top to help hold everything in place.  The Sound Sales machines move the brackets to the top and get rid of the wedges.  This prevents much adjustment of the take up box, and it eliminates the most important bracket for the motor, so it wobbles.  Replace the lower bracket to stabilize the wood holding the motor in place, and realign the motor.

Re-fitting a Sound Sales 'tron's innards


The hanging motor of doom!

This was the state of the motor in Jimmy Pishock's machine.


Frank brought along his keyboard, and Jerry is having a look at it


Pierre takes keyboard adjusting very seriously