Friday Night

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Friday Arrival
Friday Night
Lacing New Tapes
Saturday Night
Odds and Ends
As seen in...


Jimmy and Joe's "Formicatron" was set up and playin' nicely

Yes, the "Formicatron" - an M400 encased in a layer of--yep--dark Formica with swirly bluish green bits.
And Jimmy was all worried about the stout leaving a ring!
Hell, you can chop vegetables and knead dough on this one!
Quite unique.


Your Humble Scribe, Ken Leonard, arrived in Glenn Mills late in the afternoon on Friday (driving from Boston), and then it was over to the community building in Joe and Jimmy's housing area where we had a get-together to catch up with our Mellotron friends, old and new.

Cheers, Pierre--glad you could make it!

What Your Humble Scribe drove 370 miles for

John B. and Jerry K. (in appropriate Penn State garb) --- Cheers, mates!


Clio Award-winning Fritz Doddy arrives

(...and everything goes downhill from there)

p0501-18.jpg (26692 bytes)
(Click for larger image)


"If Leonardo had only seen *that* smirk instead..."

"Ken showing off his buns."

John B. in position to make sure we were all adequately supplied with Guinness




Co-host Jimmy catches up with Jerry and Pierre


Hangin' round...(click for larger image)

p0501-15.jpg (40712 bytes)


Jan (Joe's wife), Joe, and John, and friend
Bob & Sue Konopka, and Mike Rivers

Bob is Chester County's ace design and repair guy.



Mike "The Bodger" Rivers

Why "The Bodger"?  He's the first bloke I know to let the magic smoke out of his Mellotron!




p0501-12.jpg (39106 bytes)
Prof. Korb at the Formicatron
(click for larger picture)

Frank gives the Formicatron a whirl


After an evening of great food and a bit of stout (or was that a bit of food and some great stout?), we packed it in.

Saturday would be a rather busy day...