Odds and Ends

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Friday Night
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Odds and Ends
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We received some wonderful gifts as part of our 'tron-a-thon weekend.

Jerry Korb had some tape frame boxes designed and made for the Symposium.  They're designed to hold your tape frames for when they're out of your machine and you don't have any cases.  Perfect for storing your frames away on a shelf!  Jerry has more of these available for a nominal price.  You may e-mail Professor Korb (via the Mellotronists YahooGroup) if you need some.

Andrew packing up his tape frames...and Mike Rivers handing Andrew a CD of the photos he took at the Symposium---Mike made each of us a copy!  (Several of the photos from this site were from that CD.)

Shane made available a number of copies of the lovetron CD back from outer space.

The music is reminiscent of 70s pop-metal with a 90s twist.  Two tracks, "Orbit" and "Mallet", feature Shane's Mellotron.

Contact Shane (shanetron over on Yahoo.com) if you wish to learn more about his project lovetron.

Thank you Jerry, Shane, and Mike!

And in the things you thought you'd never see file...

Mike Rivers' power supply.  It went *poof*.
Fortunately there was no damage done, and it's fine.
Finger courtesy of John Bradley.


Innards.  Yep, that's all there is to one of these, folks!

Rare single card preamp.

Mellotron Head Blocks