Moraz Mark V

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Click for a larger image

John Bradley's initials adorn the inside of the case with the date of April 24, 1981.  Some 25 years later the rework began on the machine, this time in JK's hands.

The biggest thing to sort out was the electronics, as Mr. Moraz's team was not content to leave them as they were.  Fortunately the power supply, which is smaller and lighter than that in the M400, turned out to be AOK.  Click on the image to the left for a larger picture of the insides of the Mark V power supply.

<-- (Click for a larger picture)  The control panel, however, had been infiltrated with an MXR phase shifter and a connection for some kind of ring modulator.  As viewed, you can see the RH Preamp, 1/2 of the phaser, RH reverb driver, LH reverb driver, the other half of the phaser, and finally the LH preamp. 

The phaser bits had to come out, and the console had to be wired back to SPEC...but there was no SPEC---nobody has any diagrams for the Mark V!

Well, 'til now.  Jerry took some notes, and if you have a Mark V in need of some work, Jerry has created the wiring diagrams.

<-- (Click for a larger picture)  The Mark V control panel nears completion.  It's all rewired, and the cards need to be plugged back in.

Accutronics provided some new spring reverb tanks for the machine.  The reverb tanks are mounted on a board inside the machine.  The two tan foamy things are there to stabilize the springs during transport.  If you wedge something in behind the board they're on, they press up against the reverb springs, and the springs won't bounce around while the machine is being moved.

The insides received the same going over as usual at the Mellotron Ranch...

...but the outsides remain largely untouched.  The arrived with gouges in it from one of Patrick's synths, probably the Oberheim, which can be seen sitting atop the Mark V in some of the Moody Blues videos.  And the lid left from Vermont with the gouges intact.

Aside from the electronics weirdness, the Mark V was a relatively straightforward project.  It's actually one of the most stable M-series 'trons I have ever played---right now it's just solid.

Let's see how the QDivision Mark II came along...-->