Odds and Ends

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A Few Odds and Ends

Here you may find a few things that didn't quite fit anywhere else...:-)

The "C" Word?

Chamberlin M1

Chris Dale brought over his Chamberlin M1.  Compared to the Mellotron, the Chamberlin is a bit harder to play, requiring a rather heavy and consistent hand on the keys.  The sound of the Chamberlin, though, is pretty yummy.

Chris was going to bring his Optigan, but it wouldn't fit in the car.

Gaggle of 'trons and guys
OK, move along, there's nothing to see here...

...but Fritz snuck back to give 'er a whirl.
Fritz and the M1

Jerry Korb's

original photo taken by Jerry Korb

New Mellotron Sounds from the Pub?


Rick thinks he's got an idea for a new Mellotron sound!

John Bradley snickers under his breath:  "It's been done!"

Martin's dexterity proves fallible Vicki (a.k.a. Mrs. Rick) wants to make sure Martin has it right.  Oh, sure, it's not good enough that Martin and John have a new flute sound...They've got to re-record this as well?  Oy...

Oh, that chain around Jerry Korb's neck?  It's one of the Meccano chains from his Mark I, "Julia".  Goes nicely with the T-shirt, don't ya think?