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Mellotron Links

For Mellotron owners and those who'd like to purchase one...
The two sites you need are:

Mellotron Archives

Streetly Electronics

Other sites:

Roth-Händle Studio's equipment page has a collection of videos demonstrating various instruments, including the Mellotron and Chamberlin Rhythmate.  Oh, a Yamaha GX-1, too...

Candor Chasma
Detailing all manners of Mellotron
(and other music-related dinosaurs).
...thanks for the link back!

The Ultimate

Mellotron Logo

Recordings List (possibly)

Mellotron Recording List
Andy Thompson has been keeping a list of Mellotron recordings.  It's probably the best one anywhere.

You'll find the list, reviews, trivia, and more at:

Mellotron Logo

Mellotron Tape Library

Streetly Sample Library
Maintained by Mike Dickson.  Hear what 'tron tapes are available from the UK, including a few samples provided by Your Webmaster.
Tokyo Mellotron Studio Tokyo Mellotron Studio
What a collection!  (In Japanese.)
Unfortunately this site has been down for a while and may not be back...:-(
The Mellotron Player's Resource
By Mellotronist Ken Merbler.  It's the home of the follow-up to "Rime of the Ancient Sampler."
...thanks for the link back!