Mark I vs Mark II

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Differences between the Mellotron Mark I and Mark II compiled by Mellotron Professor Jerry Korb, who has done extensive analysis of both types of machines.

DIFFERENCES between MK1 and later MK2 Mellotrons

MKIs not converted are numbers 120,122,124,130,131,132,and 137. (Boldface units have been located)

Following is list of known items for you MK1-spotters out-there:

Item Description or Location

Mark-One Details

Mark-Two Details


Tape Storage Box Cover

Rear Edge Rolled as Tape Guide

Alum guide bar fitted adjacent to cover

Tape Storage Box

Dovetail Joints on Corners

Square Joints on Corners

Cycling Drive System

Meccano Sprockets and Ladder Chain

Reynold Sprockets and Roller Chain



Rotation Adj. Screws on White Keys


Beige or Ivory Key Colour

White Key Colour


Meccano Chain Tensioning Wheel


Pad Arm Assembly

Parallel to Headblock

Angled at 20 degrees to Headblock

Reinforcing Braces


Fitted from center board to each end

Cabinet Venting/Cooling

Solid Top Rear Panel

Drilled Holes or Slots,Top Rear Panel

Control Panel

Five Coax and 1 special for Pitch Ctrl.

Octal Combi-Connector at LH side

SSCU Switch

Micro-Switch SW1 to activate SSCU

Not used/needed on MK-II models

Rotary Synch Switch

BA-9 Connector to Control Panel

Hardwire connections synch switch



Carbon Brush fitted to RH end

* Keylock

Fitted ahead of keys on earliest units

Fitted 6" inboard . Keys machined


6 Caps,all connec atop crossmember

7 Caps,connec at each end

Volume Footpedal

Mecccano gears/hdwe

Slider assembly

Control Panel Reinforcement

Centre Mahogany Brace

Present on some,not other units

Headblock Channel

Straight Piece,with alum end-stops.

Causes occasional "Tape-Zip"

Machined 1/8" cutouts for vinyl rollers



*John Bradley told me only the first few machines had this early keyboard interlock fitted in front .  Only one other unit, a MK2, has this installed.  Guess that one on MK1/124 was overlooked.