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Workin', Unbodgin'
Fire Hazard!
#541 Unveiled
New Home

How "Leaving for the Black Sand" was recorded--and how it made its way onto Lee Richards' 2006 release Another Day in Paradise!

"Another Day in Paradise" is available at CDBaby

Your Webmaster happened into a good deal on an Echo Audio AudioFire8, and it arrived the day before the trip to Vermont (what timing!).  What better way to try it out?

Lee wanted to play his machine for sure, but Jerry's Mark I "Julia" also wanted in.  So Lee was happy to oblige.

"Leaving for the Black Sand"
Composed by Lee Richards and Ken Leonard

Mellotron M400 #541 (Ian M. flute, 8-voice choir) played by Lee Richards


Mellotron Mark I "Julia" (3 violins, Spanish guitar) played by Lee Richards


Korg X3 (piano) played by Ken Leonard


Recorded at The Mellotron Ranch, somewhere in nearly snow-free Vermont, using an Echo Audio AudioFire8 and Cakewalk SONAR Producer version 5.0.1 software


Edited/Mixed by Ken Leonard

"Leaving for the Black Sand", MP3 (.mp3), 3'22"
Right click, Save As...

Right click, Save As... here for the MP3 (2.3MB, 96kbps)

Another Day in Paradise
Released in July 2006 by Lee Richards

"Leaving for the Black Sand" appears with eleven other tracks on Lee Richards' "Another Day in Paradise"!

Lee Richards - Another Day in Paradise
Snippets and CD available from CDBaby
(Starfish not included)

Inspired by the surf, sand, beach, and palm trees, "Another Day in Paradise" is an original CD by Lee Richards who plays violin, viola, cello, piano, guitar, bass, synthesizer, and Mellotron. 

Lee has played as a guest musician on dozens of CDs through the years and has now released twelve original songs of his own.

One track has keyboardist and friend Ken Leonard co-writing and playing a piano while Lee plays two side-by-side Mellotrons!  One other track is an old folk song, and the remaining ten tracks are original songs by Lee Richards.

Ken Leonard and Lee Richards record "Leaving for the Black Sand" on
the Mellotron Mark I, Mellotron M400, and Korg X3

Lee has played in orchestras from California to Seattle and Honolulu to Birmingham.

"Another Day in Paradise" can be auditioned and purchased from the CDBaby web site.

Aloha and Mahalo!

"Leaving for the Black Sand" received airplay on the radio show Avaruusromua on February 26, 2006.  Cuts from Improvised Waves also appeared on this show and the show from the previous week during Avaruusromua's 2006 salute to the Mellotron.

Darn - now the world knows why Jerry and I play keyboards with the right hand only!!

OK, enough fun.  It was time for work.-->