Fire Hazard!

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Workin', Unbodgin'
Fire Hazard!
#541 Unveiled
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It's 2006, and the oldest Mellotrons are well over 40 years old.

The little white guys are a hoary lot at 30 and getting older.


Chances are your Mellotron needs a little work.

At the very least, your M400 is a fire hazard Seriously.


The CMC-10?  Spaghettification?
Simple problems, really, when it comes down to it:
They won't burn down your house.


The original wiring for the on/off switch in the M400 means mains voltage is always available at the switch and is prior to the fuse.  Should the switch fail, a dangerous short circuit and fire can occur.  Mellotron Professor Jerry Korb has developed a simple but effective means to rewire the mains circuit in the M400 to prevent what you see in the above picture.  The modification takes a few minutes to perform.  Please contact Jerry for further information.


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