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Workin', Unbodgin'
Fire Hazard!
#541 Unveiled
New Home


I didn't tell you about the goodies Lee brought from Alabama?  Among some interesting local BBQ sauces and the like was Lee's home made extra hot salsa.  This was the first salsa I ever had where there was a nice burn but it didn't ruin the food at all!  During the weekend I dumped that stuff on scrambled eggs, cold cut sandwiches, and wherever else I could use a jolt.  At home it has smothered more than its share of otherwise bland turkey burgers.  Nice stuff!  Gee, sorry I ate most of yours, Jerry and Mali.  Shucks.  :-)

Let's see, what else...Oh, the QTron that I lugged up in the van from Boston?

That's already out of its shell getting a complete overhaul inside.  The outside will remain largely as it is.  Jerry told me that one of the power amplifiers has already let all its blue smoke out, so he'll rebuild both of the amps, rework the power supply, strengthen the frame (as he did in the Mooatron), get the cycling working (I just heard that Jerry has that going now), and load up a couple of new sets of tape.  Then I'm sure somebody will have to bring the machine back to Somerville...

And let's not forget our Mellotron Fashion!

No, I don't know where Jerry gets this stuff...



Another nice weekend at the Mellotron Ranch tucked somewhere off a dirt road in Vermont.  Unfortunately Lee had to head out on Sunday afternoon, so Jerry, Lee, and I went out in the bitter cold and made our way to the airport in Burlington to see Lee off.

When we got back to the Mellotron Ranch, Jerry and I packed up Lee's Mellotron so it could be shipped to Birmingham.

Oh, right, we told Lee during his training that we'd be sending him his Mellotron with two screws missing from somewhere inside the machine.  He'd have to find where the screws went.

We were at least nice enough to send him the screws at least.  :-)

For the first time ever Your Webmaster had Presidents' Day off from work, so he stayed over one more day (gee, twist my arm!) and drove the big white box back to Boston in time to be returned at the car rental place.  The temps had warmed up a little (it was a little over freezing back in my town), so I opted to walk back home from the rental place.  It was nice considering I'd spent the last 3-4 hours on my butt in a vehicle. 

THANK YOU Jerry and Mali for another nice MONEYPIT weekend!  Wonderful hospitality---as usual!

In a few days we learned about Mellotron M400 #541 in its new home.-->