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Cool Old Tech
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The stage is set!

But...wait a second.  What's that on the table on the far right?


Jerry just finished restoring an RCA 8TS30 television from the late 1940s.

RCA 8TS30 television

Back then they were really works of art, weren't they?

This one works just great.  In fact, you'll see it in the video shortly.  Well, everything works, except for "one" thing...

Yep, there used to be a Channel 1!  That doesn't work so great anymore--nobody has had a broadcast on Channel 1 in over 50 years.  :-)

And "UHF"?  What's that?  Nope, sorry, not there.  In this day of hundreds of digital channels, we've come a long way from 13 fuzzy and static-filled VHF stations.  But one gets a feeling of nostalgia when visiting the Mellotron Ranch and the various collections there.  You can't help but picture a family sitting down at this TV set to watch live programs basking in the light of the set's black and white picture, its tubes glowing warmly inside.

Nowadays televisions are little more than circuit boards in plastic cabinets, don't cost a lot (relatively speaking), and are simply tossed when they break.  These old guys were built like tanks.  In fact, Jerry's mom still uses an old RCA XL-100 from the late 70s.  But even that old TV is still a tad "modern" for the old guy Jerry just fixed up, which is still some 30 years older than the XL!


75 capacitors and 18 resistors were replaced as part of the restoration.
Above:  New caps in old cans - preserving the look of the insides of the old set.

<-- Click for a larger picture of the chassis before restoration

Let's move on...-->