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MONEYPIT August 2007 - Ken Leonard, Tom Doncourt, Jerry Korb


With MONEYPIT drawing to a close, it was time for Tom to head out.  (Your Webmaster, though, always tends to overstay his welcome.  :-) )

Tom finishes up putting #390 into the Protect-O-Muff.

Jerry wheels Tom's machine out into the garage.

Wait - what's that HIDEOUS BLACK THING?  No, not Jerry's T-shirt!  Could that be...The UGLY 'tron #203?

Why, yes, it is!

#203 - with "anti sway bar", matchbooks bracing the motor,
a lovely paint job, rust, gaffer's tape, and other home-made mods...
all on another Sound Sales bodged machine!

You can see more about that awful black hulk in MONEYPIT November 2007's report.

Jerry and Tom hoist the M400 into Tom's car.

...and off go Tom and #390.

The Mellotron Ranch isn't quite the same after a machine leaves...



Your Webmaster got to stick around for another day, but even he had to get things packed up and get ready to head out.

Now at well over 240,000 miles...


Nope, it isn't easy to leave the Mellotron Ranch.

Why Your Webmaster overstays his welcome

Thanks Jerry and Mali!

'til next time...

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