The Basement

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The Basement
FX at Home

May 2005




The Basement with Mellotron M400 "Formicatron"

The Formicatron


An eerie computer screen lit Jimmy Moore

Jimmy Moore in the eerie glow of the computer screen



Click here for some cover tunes performed by Jimmy and his band during 2004!

Your Webmaster gets ready to play more stuff in Cminor



Some solo tunes

Ken Leonard and the Andromeda A6 and X3 getting ready for a Cminor

Would you buy a used Mellotron
from this guy? -->

It had been several months since Christmas when Ken Leonard, Jimmy Moore, and Brad Schuman recorded the tracks for "Improvised Waves:  Mellotron and synthesizer improvisations."

Jimmy and Ken wandered off to the basement to dust off the Formicatron.  Ken brought along the A6 and X3 again, and this time he had the "drippy fat" ARP 2600, a.k.a. "The Problem Child."

The PC fired up and the "Record" button pushed, the duo again did some musical soul-searching to see if the muse was again smiling down upon them...but nope.  Not this time.

That's OK.

It's always a great learning experience, and we're figuring out how to get some more good tracks going and are finding out how it'll work best for us.

Ken Leonard with the Formicatron

Ken's Corner of The Basement
Jimmy Jr. calls this "Ken's Corner"

Christmas Week 2004 was special, and I'm glad we captured it in "Improvised Waves."  Will there be a repeat?  Who knows!  And that's part of the fun of it all.  :-)

It was a delightful few days off for Your Webmaster, but on Sunday he had to head out.  The ARP had to go back to the shop in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania for a few more little tweaks, and from there it'd be well over 300 miles to get back home.

But before heading out, let's take a look at an old friend in his new home.  -->