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I'm very glad you dropped by to check out my tunes.
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...Ken Leonard...

Now available!

Improvised Waves - Mellotron and synthesizer improvisations
Ken Leonard / Jimmy Moore / with Brad Schuman

here for more information


What type of tunes are ...kl...'s Tunes?

A few of my influences:

bulletTangerine Dream
bulletJean-Michel Jarre
bulletChristopher Franke
bulletFree System Projekt
bulletDweller at the Threshold
bulletRadio Massacre International
bulletMark Shreeve
bulletPaul Lawler
bulletAndy Pickford
bulletUnder the Dome
bulletThe Glimmer Room
bulletGuinness or Murphy's

Generally I enjoy a bouncing sequencer line from a nice, meaty synthesizer, Mellotrons, and long compositions.   It's what folks in electronic music would call the "Berlin School."

Several of the tunes on this web site were recorded in one take, meaning I played all the parts at once, and there aren't any overdubs or re-takes.  I just get motivated and start recording what I hear in my headphones at the moment, and that's it.  In the future as I get time to learn more about proper composition, I will be doing more multi-track work.  But this live, improvised stuff is really fun, and sometimes you come away with something you enjoy listening to again and again, like I do with the tunes here.

Are you curious about the gear that I use?  There's a gear pictures page here, and I've compiled a list with descriptions on my MIDI Gear Page off of my Home Page, reachable from the Web Toc (Web Table of Contents) link above.

Nope, I'm not a "real" musician, and the tunes are not polished.   I do not know where they come from, but there they are, and I appreciate them for that.  I hope you do, too.

So pick one or two from the list on the Tunes page (see the link above)---and have a listen!  Need help playing the tunes?  Click the Help link above.  I suggest getting a taste of the tune by playing the RealAudio lo-quality version first, then download the version labeled "Download" to play at any time without having to get onto the Internet first.


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