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"Leaving for the Black Sand"
Composed and performed by Lee Richards and Ken Leonard
Lee Richards (Mellotron Mark I, M400), Ken Leonard (Korg X3)
Recorded during MONEYPIT February 2006

Available on Lee Richard's album Another Day in Paradise

"Another Day in Paradise" is available at CDBaby.

July 2006
Improvised Waves
Ken Leonard / Jimmy Moore / with Brad Schuman

Mellotron and synthesizer improvisations recorded over Christmas Week 2004, edited January-April 2005.

Click here for additional information.

"Improvised Waves" is available from Ken Leonard.

April 2005
Archives '88-'02
Ken Leonard

Home-spun CD-R with various tunes taken from "the vault".  Most of the tunes on "Archives" are available on The Tunes page, although "Archives" adds one or two extras.  The tunes were recorded on various setups (including 4-track cassette) from 1988 through 2002.

(An earlier version of the CD-R ("Archives '88-'00") contained "Cheesy X".  "Archives '88-'02" removes the "cheese" but adds "Eerie Sunrise".)