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Down Time


Take a Break

With the reveal over, it was time for a little break.  Jerry and Mali had lunch for us, and later on in the day Mali and Nancy set out some goodies.

I don't need to wonder why the doctor always yells at me to lose a few pounds.  :-)


Wrapping Up

After a long drive to the area from Virginia, the Myers had only a scant few hours to spend at the Mellotron Ranch and were soon on their way.  They had plans to pick up some maple syrup, head back to the hotel in Albany, and spend time in the New York City area before returning home.

I think this was about the quickest Mellotron reveal we've had at the Ranch!

Now...How do you get THREE Mellotrons home?

Yes, you make sure you have a Soccer Mom Car.

"Now Stewart, don't mess up my spotless garage floor."

It was all hands on deck getting the machines loaded.

I have NO idea where Mom, Dad, and Stewart were going to be sitting on the long (long) journey back to Virginia.  I think they tried to talk Nancy into getting inside one of the machines.

Once everything was sorted, it was time for the Myers family to head down the driveway into the rain for their next destination, three Mellotrons in tow.  It was nice meeting you.  Good luck with the machines, Stewart!

UPDATE:  04-August-2006

Stewart reports...

Jerry did an amazing job on the machines.
I've been using them in combo with my Chamberlin
on just about every record since I got them home.

Check out some recordings...and a MONEYPIT JUNE 2006 RETROSPECTIVE:

#1332, #469, and #481 - 2'27"
bulletNewer Windows Media, 2.6MB - Right click here, Save As...
bulletOlder Windows Media and PocketPC, 2.5MB - Right click here, Save As...

Features music from Nick Hedges and Amy Correia.  Stewart runs a recording studio in central Virginia where Nick and Amy recorded the tunes.

Mellotron Sounds:  Vibes - Rock Guitar - Russian Choir - Flutes - 3 Violins

Jerry, Mali, and I are going to chill before dinner.  Meanwhile why don't you get caught up on the latest from Mellotron Ranch News. -->