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No, of course I never want to leave Vermont, especially on weekends that have super weather!

So we took a few more pictures.

Mellotron M400 #1428 with Bill Eberline model atop
Mellotron M400 #1428 and...Mini-mel?

Mellotron M400 #1428 was buttoned up to go, but we decided to put a Robert Laughton cast-bronze model on top and take a snapshot. It looks like what happens if you put your Mellotron through the dryer.

<--- For the folks out there who have never seen the insides of a Mellotron (click for large image)

But, unfortunately, it was time to head out, so we packed up the car, and I got ready to leave.

And I have to thank my hosts Jerry and Mali for making yet another stay very pleasant!

Ohhh, right!  I almost forgot!!!  How many Mellotrons can you fit into an Acura Integra?  Click the thumbnail below for your answer:

I might be able to squeeze one more into the front seat, but I think that'd be a bit of a trick.

The ride back to Boston was event-free (thankfully), and Paul even came over that evening to pick up his machines.  I had reassembled the EMI, and he was able to get both machines into his Volvo wagon.

What has the M400 been up to?  You may be hearing it soon on a radio near you.

And where's EMI now?  Why, the new owner has contacted me and joined up on the Mellotronists list.  He'll have a website soon.  Meantime, here's what the EMI looked like as of May 2005.-->