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FX Console #6
FX #6 Unveiled-NOT!
FX #6 Unveiled
Improvised Waves


Wow!  Someone lacing a tape frame---and it's not me!!!  :-)

After pawing at the FX Console for a while, it was time for Jimmy to do a little work on a tape frame.  This one belongs to Shane (of Lovetron fame).

Shane's tape frame ready for cleaning...bleccchhh...
Bleccchhh...This one's a bit dusty!
And, yes, keyboard X-stands with adjustable 2nd tiers are
useful for this (and it was only $29.95).

Jimmy Moore lacing a Mellotron M400 tape frame

Jimmy Moore lacing a Mellotron M400 tape frame

I'm usually doing stuff like this.  Instead, I got to play with the ARP and drink beer.  Ain't nothin' wrong with that!

Well, as it turns out, Jimmy got about five tapes done, then it got a bit late, and we decided to wrap it up for the night.  It'd be a long drive ahead in the morning, so it was time for some dinner and to knock off for the evening.

In the morning, the Moores and the FX Console would be leaving. -->