FX #6 Unveiled

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FX Console #6
FX #6 Unveiled-NOT!
FX #6 Unveiled
Improvised Waves


After what I'm sure was a restless evening, it was time to unveil the restored Mooatron to its owner.  We were reminded of when the Pindertron was revealed to Frank the year before---he was speechless.

Jerry and Jimmy enjoy a typical April morning in Vermont - it snowed!

You couldn't ask for a more typical April morning in Vermont:  it snowed overnight.  You can see the snow on the hill behind Jerry and Jimmy in the picture above.  But we had a good breakfast and got ready for Jimmy to check out his new beastie.

And so it began...

Mellotron FX Console #10006 unveiling

Well, almost...Where the hell is Jerry?  Jerry?  Mali, Nancy, and Jimmy are ready, and I'm manning the camera...

OK, we got Jerry...oh, no...Jerry, c'mon man, no speeches...

Mellotron FX Console #10006 unveiling
Jerry gives his introductory speech.
(What the anxious Jimmy heard:  blah blah, blah-blah-blah...)

Then, finally...

Mellotron FX Console #10006 unveiling

smoooooooooothMellotron FX Console #10006 unveiling....

Mellotron FX Console #10006 unveiling

Mellotron FX Console #10006 unveiling

As with last year's Pindertron reveal, I had the duty to remind the ogling crowd that there was no sound---folks were too busy admiring the beastie and forgot to power it up!  Oy!!!

The FX Console looked, played and cycled well.  I think the Moores were pleased.

After a bit of play, we noticed one note a bit duller than the others.  Because of the weak end board, the keyboard frame had sagged, and the keys had been adjusted improperly (some of the screw heads were buried in the keys---not good).

Jerry corrected all of this, and he had to replace some pad arms because the felt was a bit too squashed.

We uncovered yet one more pad arm that needed some new felt, so we swapped in a new one, and the problem was gone.

Pad arm felt shouldn't be squashed down so there's no "give".  If your pad arm felt is squashed and not pliable, you may run into the situation we did where one track is duller than the others for a particular key.  Moving the pad arm around a little just moves the problem around, so the best bet is to replace the little felt pad.

Repairing one pressure pad in the Mellotron FX Console

Mellotron FX Console #10006

Mellotron FX Console #10006


Mellotron FX Console #10006

Mellotron FX Console #10006

Mellotron FX Console #10006

Mellotron FX Console #10006

After the FX Console was unveiled, it was time for another special unveiling:  a CD release by Mellotronists Ken Leonard, Jimmy Moore, and Brad Schuman!  -->

Cheers from MONEYPIT!

Cheers from MONEYPIT April 2005!
Mali, Nancy and Jimmy Moore, Jerry, FX Console #10006, and Your Webmaster