Surprise Visit

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Surprise Visit
John B.


On July 24, 2005 Mellotron Professor Jerry Korb and Mrs. Mali Korb were in the Boston area, and we visited John B. and Mark.

Jerry and Mali Korb and John Bezjian check out the Mellotron Mark V
Mali, John, and Jerry crowd around the Mark V

Unfortunately Jerry and Mali had limited time, but Jerry had a quick look at the machine (which was playing nicely) and the tapes (which are...well...knackered but still workable (somewhat)).

Jerry Korb and John Bezjian check out the Mellotron Mark V
John seems pleased that finally someone who knows what he's doing is
checking into the Mark V!  :-)

Jerry discussed the possibility of his working on the audio portion of this machine.  The left hand tape doesn't pan, the tone control doesn't work, and it's not sending stuff through the reverb.  There's some stuff messed up on the right side, too.  But this is how it was working when John got it---it's good enough to record (he can get a line out), but not everything is working as it should be.

Jerry taking a look at this would be A Good Thing for those who own a Mellotron Mark V, as he would begin mapping out the Mark V circuitry.  Very little documentation exists for that particular instrument, so a little research would be helpful to the Mellotron Community at large.

After Jerry and Mali left to continue their drive home to Vermont, John and I stuck around for a while to do some adjusting on the Mark V.  Although I haven't been by for several weeks, Mark is doing well and is holding adjustment OK---despite the hot/humid weather we've been having around here.  I think I had about 3-4 keys to do on one keyboard, and that was about it!

Overall the Mark V is very stable, we'd have to say.  Nice machine.

Jerry Korb and John Bezjian check out the Mellotron Mark V

By the way...Did you know that John Bezjian has been a fixture in the music biz in one form or another since the 70s?  Check out some more interesting stuff about John... -->