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2006:  Many things Mellotronic, including MONEYPITS from February and June (and one from September that's finally done...)

Mellotronist Lee Richards releases "Another Day in Paradise" featuring "Leaving for the Black Sand" recorded during February's MONEYPIT

Violins, guitars, and bass provide the backbone for these gentle, flowing tracks while Mellotron, synthesizer, cello, viola, and other instruments add to the variety.

Review:  Shannon Taylor "if it is to be as it is"

A collection of real, honest, and personal electro/acoustic songs with a slight pop edge and a good dose of Mellotron.

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"Improvised Waves" has been called everything from "a nice release" to "a new form of e.m."  Click here for more information.

Track 1 received airplay on STAR'S END on October 15, 2006!



Will a Mellotron ever be featured in a crime novel?

When Hell Freezes Over!!!

Mellotronist Rick Blechta's latest is available now!  You can find it on Amazon.




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