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News '09:

The representatives of the global warming conference showed up in Copenhagen in 140 planes and over 1200 limousines.  Ironic?  Yeah, well...  Eager to seek their own selfish enrichment, investors who stand to earn millions in the carbon exchange market (hello Al Gore) and representatives of poorer nations scrape and claw to force cap and trade initiatives onto economies of the world.  Meanwhile the threat of cap and trade looms over all of us, a policy designed not to cure global warming (which is now being shown as a hoax) but a means to tear down economies of the world and transfer capital to those with their grubby little hands in the game.

Yet those in elected office in the United Socialist States of America seem bent on destroying the engine that drives prosperity for the entire world and creating second and third class citizens of its own people.

True Americans remember the Constitution and will not be silenced.

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