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Everybody's Got a Links Page...OK, I'll bite!  :-)

These links should just get you started on your web searches.  I intend to keep this page small.  Have fun!

You-Gotta-See-This! Links

How Stuff Works See how things work--computers, car engines, and more.  See how things will work, like the printable computers we'll see in the future!
Silophone An old grain silo in Montreal becomes a fabulous experiment in sound.  Upload your own sounds and hear them back on-line in this massive echo chamber.
Run Stuff on a PDP-8 Start up an old Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-8 computer.  Watch the lights blink and tapes spin as you run programs!

Synthesizer Information
Synthlinks Links to synth manufacturers among other things

Music Machines

Analogue-Heaven Page

Hyperreal is the place for the rave scene, but Music Machines is a fun way to explore synths.
Analogue-Heaven is the e-mail list for analogue synths - NO D*G*T*L TALK, PLEASE! 
Sonic State Excellent synth info & reviews.  This site is growing...
Midiwall Mark Pulver's great site, including the used gear price list and the Analogue-Heaven archives (site may be down due to an ISP problem)
SynthZone More synth info, including collections of e-mail lists, sites, and resources for specific models
Techno Toys Links "Necessities and luxuries for synth players" - including a list of the current analogue synth makers

Electronics Theory Ramon K. Dall's site where you'll find full courses on electronics theory.
Sci.Electronics Repair FAQ FAQ for the Sci.Electronics newsgroup.  Includes Tech Tips and a Consumer Electronics Repair Guide.

E-mail Discussion Groups
Beyond_EM Yahoo! Group Out of the ashes of GoldTri comes Beyond_EM.  Discussions start in the Berlin School vein but quickly branch out.  A number of the top BS EM artists are subscribed there.

Electronic Music Sellers
Groove Where I get a lot of my stuff (Netherlands).  Loads of CDs and plenty of song snippets to whet your appetite!
August 2001:  Groove will no longer be distributing general electronic music releases and will be concentrating on its own label.
Eurock US-based electronic and progressive rock
Synth Music Direct Record label and seller in the UK.  Haven't purchased anything from them yet, but they have a lot of stuff.

Links to Other Links
Get Outdoors New England The links page there is of the outdoors variety