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The one question YOU need to answer:

Who is the best qualified to be making decisions for you and your family?  Is it you or some bureaucrat hundreds or thousands of miles away?


This website has been BANNED by countries whose leaders do not believe in freedom.


And I couldn't be more proud!

What does it mean to be a Libertarian?

Libertarians aren't anarchists!  Although various political parties and the media would have you thinking that.  

Libertarians believe in the individual.  People should have the right to live their lives the way they want, provided they bring no harm to others and don't infringe on others' rights.  Government should be limited to making sure those individual rights are protected.

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Libertarians believe in the Constitution of the United States.  Our Founding Fathers sacrificed a great deal to produce that document, and having fought hard to win their freedom were not about to set up a government which would start taking back their hard-won rights.  

Legislation enacted in 2004 allows a Congressman---or some "agent" of the Congressman---to review YOUR personal financial information in your tax return.

Legislation voted on in 2005 will create a "national ID card" with your personal information that will be shared with foreign countries without your consent.

There have been proposals to MANDATE medicating children believed to have ADD, ADHD, or similar afflictions--without parental consent.  This "No Child Left Undrugged" plan is heavily supported by...yep...drug companies.  You can see how far political influence goes, which is why limiting Government power back to its Constitutional limits is the only way to end this

In 2006 the US Department of Agriculture started implementing the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) where individual farm animals are to be tagged (at the cost of $15 per)--even if the animals are pets or are kept just for the benefit of the family (non-commercial farms).  Every time an animal moves beyond the area where it is usually kept (such as your goat getting out of the gate and walking across the road), a report must be filed ($3 per day).  If someone finds your goat, that person is also required to file a report ($3).  Homeland Security will have the right to invade your home at any time without cause to make sure that the NAIS provisions are being followed, and the fines are as high as $1000 per animal per day for any transgression.  Small farms must tag every animal, where large farms can use one tag for a whole section of animals.  NAIS is not only an invasion of privacy and Socialist beyond belief, it will also put small farms out of business and make it impossible for poor farmers to eke out an existence.

*  McCain-Feingold makes it a felony for a "corporation" (company, grassroots organization, an incorporated blog or Internet site that takes subscribers) to mention in advertising or on a web site any Congressman within two months of an election.  And there are hundreds of pages of complex election "reform" laws that came out of McCain-Feingold just like this one.  Given the complexity, organizations may simply decide to walk away from the political arena, fearing having to fight a lawsuit brought by a vengeful government.  Net effect?  Shutting down grassroots organizations, abridging the First Amendment, prevention of public discussion of voter issues.
*  Radio talk shows are getting in trouble for expressing opinions on a topic, being told that what they are doing is essentially a campaign contribution.  Net effect?  Preventing public discourse on voter issues.
*  Note that the news media has no such restrictions.  What does this mean?  As the media knows which side its bread is buttered on, is it in their best interest to go up against a strong incumbent?  Net effect?  Issues that could paint the incumbents in a bad light do not get aired in the mainstream media.

Combine the three issues above, and you have what amounts to a permanent ruling class, and your voice, your needs, and your opinions become irrelevant.  The Founding Fathers never intended this, which is why we have the First Amendment.  In a close 2003 Supreme Court decision upholding McCain-Feingold, dissenting Justice Clarence Thomas warned in his opinion that these election "reform" laws would not only start curtailing grassroots organizations but would eventually put a cork in the media as well.

Is anyone seeing a pattern here?  It is clearly the goal of Government to decide for you what will benefit you and your family and how you are to live your life.  It is at the whim of those in power, and it's often at the cost of your freedom.  This is why Libertarians believe in limited government.

Keep on top of this type of legislation and write your representative about it.  Visit Downsize DC.

Do you think your representatives should read every word of every bill they pass?  Well, they don't.  Visit Downsize DC.

Unfortunately in this day and age the importance of individual rights and freedom has been lost.  We pay ever increasing taxes to fund a huge government which is out of control.  Money is taken from you and used to fund things you may feel are wrong, and you must comply or get tossed into jail.  Wasteful government programs devour money and only create more problems.  Our voices aren't heard anymore.  Individuals are no longer responsible for their own actions.  There is a generation of Americans which is learning to live off the government rather than learning to provide for themselves and are being denied the opportunity to feel a sense of accomplishment. 

Libertarians seek to reverse this by empowering the individual again.  By putting responsibility back where it belongs, people will rise to the occasion and make this country stronger.  People will be motivated to find creative solutions to problems rather than relying on some bureaucrat 1000 miles away to shove money at a completely inappropriate solution.  This benefits everyone.

Liberty is your heritage

Where do Libertarians stand on the issues?

bulletGovernment:  Small, limited to the duties outlined in the Constitution of the United States.  Government's basic role is to protect your rights.
bulletTaxation:  Little to no taxes.  With a small government doing exactly what it's supposed to (and nothing more), tariffs and excise taxes (pocket change) can fund it.
bulletMilitary:  Essential that we have appropriate defenses to protect ourselves.  Note that it's defense.  We don't belong in Vietnam, Bosnia, or anywhere else fighting someone else's war.  The President's Constitutional duty is to protect our country and send in our military forces when there is a clear and present danger to us.  There can be no mistake about that.
bulletJustice system:  Essential that we protect individual rights, and the Justice System is necessary to keep a check on things.
bulletInternational:  We don't need to be the world's police force.  Recall all troops; we have no business meddling in anyone's affairs, domestic or international, unless there is a clear and present danger to the United States, per the Constitution.
bulletDrugs:  The government has NO RIGHT to tell ANYONE what he or she may put into his or her body.  Period.  All drugs must be legalized immediately, and the "Drug War" must be ended.  And did you know that the asset forfeiture statutes are inflicted on law-abiding citizens if some drug agent suspects some of your property or some of your money may possibly could have been involved in a drug crime?  YOU may have your car, home, or other property seized at any minute with no trial as a result of these laws.  And then good luck getting your property back.  It's unconstitutional, and it's just wrong.  It's another example of Government overstepping is rightful duties which are to protect our rights, not take them away.
bulletWelfare:  It is time to end the "welfare state" and encourage people to get educated and get working.
bulletSocial Security:  Social Security denies you the right to do what you think is best for your retirement.  It is essentially a legalized pyramid scheme which will soon be bankrupt, denying benefit to those who are paying for it today.  If you had an additional 15% in your paycheck every week, I'm sure you'd do a better job at keeping it for retirement than Congress has been doing.
bulletQuotas:  The Government has no right to tell any person, organization, or business with whom it must deal or whom it must hire.  Any quota set by the Government is simply legalized racism far worse than the problem it's trying to cure.  For example, if you were looking for a contractor, you'd find one with a good track record who'd give you the lowest bid.  The Government spends your money on contractors who meet some kind of "quota", even if they don't come in with the lowest bid and don't have good track records.  Furthermore private businesses are scared under threats of lawsuits into hiring and dealing with people who aren't their first choice but fit the "right profile".  Is this being "fair" and "leveling the playing field" as some people say, or is it simply making excuses for those unwilling to rise up and be the best they can?  I don't know of any company that'd be foolish enough to turn down a highly qualified and eager employee because of something stupid like race or gender.  And if they did, I wouldn't want to work there, and neither would you.  So some other business gets the good employee, and the foolish company goes under--good riddance.
bulletGuns:  The Second Amendment must be upheld.
bulletImmigration:  In an effort to secure more votes, politicians have begun to give the most precious gift we as Americans have---citizenship---to millions of illegal immigrants, making them instantly legal, rewarding them for thumbing their noses at our laws.  Meanwhile we deny citizenship to highly skilled and educated people who wish to come here through proper channels to contribute to our society.  This is a bizarre immigration policy if you ask me.  And folks worry that Libertarians are anarchists?
Libertarians are somewhat divided on what kind of immigration policy to have.  Some believe in closing the borders and letting in only those who will contribute to our country, and some believe in open borders.  But keep in mind that a major draw to the United States for many people----unfortunately---is the government programs, and those programs would be eliminated.  People would again start coming here to work hard and make a living and achieve what they want out of life.  There would be no hand outs.  Immigrants would be expected to be AMERICANS and would be held to that standard by society...or they'd be gone.
bulletHealth care:  Why in the world is the Government into health care?  The more they get into it, the more expensive it gets and the harder it is to obtain.  Now it's being used as a huge carrot by the politicians...and why?  To secure more votes, of course.  Our country needs a simple health care system, as it was for decades, before Government stepped in and started distorting it.  If Government nationalizes health care, more people will be taking advantage of a health care system that is already over-burdened.  If we want "health care reform" and "good health care" for everyone, get Government out of it.  Reform the medical malpractice system so doctors aren't forced into running thousands of dollars worth of tests for a hangnail fearing a malpractice suit.  Getting Government out of the system frees up resources for everyone.
Part of Hillary Clinton's idea of health care is to take those interested in going into medicine and mandating where they go to school, what they are to specialize in, and where they are to practice.  Is this central government planning?  Didn't the Soviet Union try that?
bulletTrade barriers:  Free trade.
bulletEducation:  America should have the best and the brightest, but we wind up going to other countries to grab their educated people for high tech jobs.  Our own people just can't cut it.  Schools in the inner cities are a mess.  Home schooling, which should be a parent's decision, is frowned upon by the Government, and many families are forced out of that option, having to send their kids to failing schools instead.  Is this the sign of a successfully run Government supported school system?  School vouchers are looked upon as a solution, but they are only a means for the Government to get what it wants:  control over private schools.
bulletCensorship:  The Constitution guarantees us the right to free speech under the First Amendment.  That means being able to say what we want but also not having to say what we don't want to.  The FCC is currently on a witch hunt to shut down radio stations that the FCC feels broadcasts things that violate some "indecency standard".  Well, nobody can clearly define what "standard" is to be met, and it's arbitrary, based on the situation and the people involved.  And because of the way anti First Amendment laws are structured, it is possible for the FCC to force radio stations to give "equal time" to everyone, thus diluting the radio station's corporate goals and business plans.  What right does the FCC have to arbitrarily enforce standards it can't even define and then tell the media what it must broadcast or what it must not?

For everything else, Libertarians seek local solutions.  The Federal Government needn't be involved anywhere except for national issues, yet they're all over the place in our everyday lives.  The individuals facing problems know best how to deal with them, so let them.  

The government has been the major force in ruining our communities and neighborhoods.  By having the government involved everywhere, there is less motivation for people to band together as a community and solve their own problems, help each other out, and make their lives better.  Why bother, if someone is just going to give you a hand out?  Why should I get to know my neighbors and make friends I can rely on in a crunch, when the government will bail me out?  The "drug war" has created a huge profit motive for currently illegal activities, and with the bullets flying overhead from competing gangs there's a huge amount of fear in our cities where people feel they can't even go outside.  The "mom and pop" corner shops are gone.  Families are completely smashed.

This is not the kind of view anyone wants, but, unfortunately, the policies of the current government promotes this and more.  Libertarians seek to give power back to the individual, empowering the person---you and me---to make our lives and our communities better.



Can't find a libertarian radio show nearby?  You can hear it on the Internet.

Free Talk Live leans heavily libertarian and wants government out of everything---and explains why and how it'll work.  Your calls are welcome, and you won't be shut off if you disagree.  Six nights a week!

Steel on Steel is available on GCN Live and is a Libertarian-leaning weekly radio show.  Featured on Steel on Steel has been Jim Babka of DownsizeDC.org.

Former Libertarian presidential candidate Harry Browne passed away on March 1, 2006.  Please check Harry's web site for his archived radio shows and other material.


Boston's airwaves lost one of its finest radio talk show hosts, David Brudnoy, 64, to cancer, in late 2004.  "Bruds" was a college professor, a media reviewer, a talk show host, and more.  He regarded his listeners as family and challenged them as much as he did his students.  You'd hear his Libertarian views regularly, but David Brudnoy always had those on the other side on his show and allowed them to discuss their views without belittling them.  I grew up listening to David, and he will be missed by the Boston radio community.

Jay Severin has been on 96.9 WTTK FM in Boston for several years, and although he has Libertarian leanings, his views sway more conservative/Republican.  However he does espouse some Libertarian thoughts and questions what the Government does.  (Unfortunately I am finding his show less listenable as time goes on, as Jay tends to aggressively challenge those who disagree with him to the point of barking them off the air and is spending more and more time tooting his own horn, which I find uninteresting.)  You can hear Jay on WTTK.

Why am I a Libertarian?

Government is not as advertised.  It is large, intrusive, and wasteful.  It is not controllable.  It will never come up with the best ideas to solve our problems.  It takes YOU and other talented, clever people out of the equation.  It runs counter to how people wish to live their lives in peace.

bulletGovernment is force.  It is one group of people imposing its will on another group of people at the point of a gun.
bulletThe law you want passed is rarely what actually is passed.  Your representative may propose a bill based on your suggestion, but what is passed may not look anything like what you want.  You have no control over this; once it's in the government's hands, it's out of your hands.
bulletGovernment power expands.  Once the government believes it has a power, that power will be used.

Let's use an example.  The Constitution says that only Congress can declare war.  A few years ago the president was allowed to send in troops to places where we don't even belong without a nod from Congress.  He just did it, nobody stopped him, and that was that.  That sets a precedent.  President Bush sent troops into Iraq without a declaration of war by Congress.  This clearly unconstitutional act has led to the deaths of thousands of Americans and the commitment of huge resources of the American taxpayer.  It's all without approval.  This shows clearly how a power, once obtained, lasts and expands.

Did you know that legislation enacted in late 2004--which is supposed to be for our security--allows for a "national ID database".  There is also a proposal for a "national ID card" that can be tracked.  It's for keeping an eye on "the bad guys" as they go into airports, but can't it also be used to track YOU during your everyday activities?  Is that what our Government should be doing?

"Your papers, please..."

I believe the Government of the United States has become too large and too intrusive.  Congress regularly passes legislation which is unconstitutional, and our representatives constantly overstep their Constitutional boundaries.  Government programs cost trillions of dollars and usually only serve to worsen the problems they are trying to correct.  Every day your personal freedoms are eroded, your money is taken, and decisions you should be making---how to raise your children, what things you would like to watch or read, or how you would like to run your own life---are being made for you.  And all the while you steadily lose the freedom to make your own choices.

The 2008 "Bailout":  Encourages future poor judgment and irresponsibility, rips off those who play by the rules and pay their bills

In 2008 we all of a sudden had a "crisis" on Wall Street where the politicians felt we needed to "bail out" the credit markets courtesy of a $700B...no, wait, $850B bill (probably more) after the "pork" had been added...paid for by us.  Let's follow a timeline here.

bulletThe government creates Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, "government sponsored enterprises", to serve as final back-up to banks lending money.  If all else fails, banks know they can ultimately sell bad loans to the government.  Result?  Housing bubble starts.  Loans are made more easily and to people on the edge, and housing prices rise.
bulletUnder Bush 1 and later, banks were literally FORCED under the Community Reinvestment Act to make risky loans.  The government told banks--especially inner-city banks--to stop using "outdated" requirements such as proof of employment, a good credit history, and documentation of where the down payment is coming from in order to get a loan.  Result?  Banks were forced to make bad loans, credit was easy to get, housing bubble increased.  If the banks didn't do this, the Federal Government threatened to sue the banks for discrimination in lending practices.
bulletBanks started valuating and selling loans based on the fact that housing prices were going up.  As long as the prices went up, houses could be sold for more than the loan amount, so things were OK.  Some houses were leveraged to THREE TIMES their value.  An accounting practice called "mark-to-market" had the banks put the same value on bad loans as they did on good loans.  The government was fueling the sale an over-valuation of bad loans through this accounting method.
bulletThe government is warned as early as 1999 that this is a problem (New York Times article).  The government ignores it.  As late as 2003 Barney Frank (House Financial Services Chairman) declared Freddie and Fannie financially sound.  (Barney later becomes the key player in this horrible bailout...bailing out his own butt.)
bulletHousing bubble bursts, credit is stalled, institutions fail because their loans are pretty much worthless.  Now nobody can get credit because the money has been leveraged too far.
bulletBetween poor government policies and a bit of greed permitted (and sometimes forced) by these policies, our credit markets went tight.  Government's answer?  Throw more money at the problem...$700B of YOUR money, given to credit houses as a bailout.  The bailout bill originally failed, but it eventually passed with add-ons and pork (subsidy for a wooden arrow manufacturer for example).
bulletThe bill was raised and passed UNCONSTIUTIONALLY, by the way.  The Senate DOES NOT have the Constitutional power to create spending bills.  They used a "CR" (Continuing Resolution) to pass this bill and then send it to the House.
bulletThe bill will cost far more than the $700B.  They don't know how much it will cost.  $700B was thrown around by the Treasury Secretary, and people latched onto that.  So the government passed a bill to buy up a bunch of assets of questionable worth, not knowing what the final price tag will be, loaded up with pork, with a very high potential cost yet little deliberation.
bulletAnd how about this:  Unless some specific language was put into the bill to prevent this, there's nothing to stop a foreign bank from transferring its bad FOREIGN loans to the US if there is a branch of the bank in the US.
bulletResult of this bill?  Additional US debt, housing prices kept artificial, people who loaned and borrowed money irresponsibly are rewarded, people who do the right thing are punished, and $700B+ more in inflation (Where do you think the money is coming from?  The US doesn't have it--it will simply be created by the Federal Reserve (an Unconstitutional organization that no longer reports on the money it prints).).

Why did this bill get pushed through?  Because credit stalled, and the pols started shaking in their boots.  Why did credit stall?  Poor loan practices enforced by the government, supported by questionable accounting policies ("mark-to-market") that let bad loans have the same value as good loans when the loans were sold, and an artificial housing bubble created because of freely available capital courtesy of Freddie and Fannie.  The available credit simply dried up as firms began to fail.

Despite responsible Americans being very much against this bill, the original bill was loaded up with extras and passed.

This punishment will be with us for years to come.

The alternative?

bulletGet rid of Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) that create artificial market supports and encourage irresponsible behavior.
bulletCorrect accounting practices--do away with "mark-to-market" that forces institutions to valuate bad loans at the same level as good loans.
bulletLet the markets correct themselves.
bulletResult?  Responsible loans and borrowing.  A solid market without pricing bubbles created because of freely available capital.
bulletCost? A net savings.


November 2008:  America votes, everyone loses. 

Dig under the skin of the election of 2008 to reveal what may be ahead.  Perhaps a Fascist/Marxist regime in the making:

Anti-First Amendment "Fairness Doctrine" and "Net Neutrality" dictates to come (Chuck Schumer likening talk radio to "pornography")


Plans to create a "national civilian police force" (in another country in the past this might have been called the SS or the Gestapo)


Mandatory community service to be performed by young people under the guidance of "community organizations" (such as ACORN) without the consent of or supervision by the parents


Elimination of the 401(k) plans and the possibility of nationalizing your retirement savings to then be divided up and given out "fairly" ("from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs" - Karl Marx)


More bailouts of private companies with the intent of instructing those companies what to make and how they are to be run (essentially government ownership of the means of production (nationalization) in order to "save" the businesses in question)

Are these possibilities now?  Well, these are all being discussed, are in the works, or have been floated as ideas during the new regime (and, in part, even if the old regime continued).  Not that either major party candidate was all that great to begin with--First Amendment rights suffered greatly under McCain-Feingold, and "maverick" McCain voted with Obama for the $1T+ bailout bill.  But Obama's stated goals comprise some bizarre utopian vision, conscription, and Marxist government giveaways.

So, America, you voted for change.

I'll be the first in line to vote for secession and will be bringing what the Founding Fathers left for us with me...you know, the America we signed up for, not the one we seem determined to doom ourselves with.

"I never thought this day would come.  I won't have to work on putting gas in my car.  I won't have to work on paying my mortgage.  You know, if I help him, he'll help me."

Peggy Joseph, Obama supporter

Voters who vote themselves a handout will soon be in the majority in the United States (they were about 45%-47% in the 2008 election).  This will leave the minority (the ones who go to work every day to create wealth only to have it forcibly removed from them at the end of a gun each week) without a voice, forced to pay more and more for a larger handout to people who do not contribute and are voting themselves a free ride, just as Peggy is.  This goes against everything America stands for.

But I guess that's change.


Welcome to the USSA (United Socialist States of America), soon to be on equal footing with other countries who have tried the insane Socialist experiment...and failed.

But I guess that's change.  Gee, that didn't take long...

Government is there to protect your freedom, not take it away.  This is guaranteed us, the Citizens of the United States, by the Constitution of the United States.  Instead the way the current Government is being run simply protects Government interests, not yours.  And you pay for the privilege with your rights and your money.

bulletThe Government of the United States is spending upwards of $1.9 trillion of YOUR dollars every year.  That's:  $1,900,000,000,000.  Per year.  Every year.  And this figure is a few years old.
bulletPushed by the "bailout bill" in 2008, the US Government debt reached $10T.  That's $10,000,000,000,000 to be paid by you, your children, and their children.  And this number is only going up.  It is estimated that the bank bailout and the "stimulus" package will exceed $6T alone when all costs and interest are considered.  This nearly doubles the outrageous debt the United States already has.
bulletA few years ago the Senate approved a $500,000 budgetary line item for a statue of Dr. Seuss in Springfield, MA.
bulletInstead of slimming down Government, Congress debates how to spend any real or imagined tax revenues, and not how to be frugal and return any substantial amount of money to us, the taxpayer.  Instead talk immediately turns to starting new government programs or expanding (or "fixing") current ones.
bulletDid you know that a Health and Human Services regulation just went into effect (June 2001) which allows the United States Government access to all of your medical records for any purpose---without your consent and without a warrant?  This includes your doctor's records, observations made by a psychiatrist or psychologist during your private therapy sessions, your marriage counselor's notes, any hospital visit records, and so on.  Whatever happened to the Fourth Amendment?
bulletIs your tax form easy to understand?  If so, then you're not doing it right.  Did you know that if you have stock options where you work and purchase the stock, you'll owe taxes, despite the fact you don't have any realized gains.  If you don't purchase the stock options and your company is bought out, you could very easily owe taxes on the stock you never even purchased.  And, oh right, in that latter case the taxes are payable in full immediately.  Simple and fair, isn't it?  (In 2001 I paid the equivalent of the price of a new car in taxes for stock options I purchased but didn't sell.  I haven't seen any money from those options, but I've paid taxes on them.  And now the stock is worth far less, but I've still paid all these taxes up front.  Oh, right, it was at the same time the Congress and Senate were debating an "economic stimulus package"---while they're taking money like this out of the economy.)
bulletLaw abiding and peaceful citizens have been forced to give up guns they have owned for years due to a multitude of gun laws which take away rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment.
bulletOur "Welfare System" is neither, serving only to create more welfare.  Short term it may provide a quick-fix or bandage, but long term it's a disaster.
bulletThe choices of educating your children come down to putting them through horrible public schools, paying for expensive private schools, or attempting to teach them at home (if the Government will let you do so, which isn't easy to get around).
bulletThe National Debt servicing costs billions of dollars a year...and that's just the interest.  (As of 2006 it is now estimated to be over $14 trillion.)
bulletA "Summer Jobs" program in Massachusetts was in full swing in the late '90s, despite there being next to no unemployment.  In effect, the Government is removing the valuable labor resource from the work force and giving them "busy work" at taxpayer expense.  As a result of the smaller supply of labor, labor costs go up.  So we paid to keep these extra people working, and businesses paid more to hire other workers.  Result?  Double-whammy as society took on all this unnecessary extra financial burden.
bulletThe "War on Drugs" has cost billions of dollars.  Result?  More people are doing drugs than ever, and violent criminals are walking the streets because jail cells are taken up by non-violent "drug offenders".
bulletSome politicians wish to enact big dollar "Health Care" legislation, based on the failed policies in other countries.  Massachusetts legislation passed in April 2006 mandates that all residents have health insurance, meaning that there is a fee for just living in the state.  Businesses that do not provide health insurance will be charged a fee for each employee.  The result of this will be higher health insurance and higher health costs (which have already been driven up by government programs and mandates).
bulletYou work into May (at least) to pay your tax bills every year.
bulletRepresentatives of one political party have regularly "bought" votes by driving around poor neighborhoods in buses, picking up voters, driving them to the polling places, and handing them $5 and a list of people for whom to vote.
bulletCongressmen exempt themselves from having to obey the laws they pass for you to live with.  They enjoy benefits you and I will never see, including the ability to vote themselves pay raises, free haircuts, and huge pensions.  Is any of this anywhere in the Constitution?
bulletIn 1999 President Clinton traveled around the world and left over $32 billion of YOUR dollars in "gifts".  Clinton left $1.2 billion in Colombia to help fight the "drug war".  I can only speculate where that money will eventually wind up.
bulletSome programs run by the United States Government and supported by you, such as publicly funded abortions, may be counter to your personal moral views.  By allowing our Government to operate such programs, you are actually funding things you don't feel are right.  And you don't have a choice about it.
bulletDo you honestly think Social Security will be there for you?  I don't, but I pay lots of money into that "system" every year, just like you do.  (Oh, by the way, there is no "lock box".  All that Social Security money goes into the general fund, and it's treated just like regular tax money for Congress to do what it wants with.  Still think it'll be there in a few years?)
bulletWhy are we still so dependent on gasoline?  Where are the electric cars?  In addition to tooling and R&D costs, government mandates make it nearly impossible for a new auto manufacturer to get into the business in any meaningful way.  We need to wait for one of the existing auto makers to come up with the solutions, but there is no economic motivation for them to do so.

I could go on, but I won't.  Isn't this enough?  Or are you going to watch the major party candidates continue to run on the platform of "issue of the hour" or "what can I say or promise that'll get my poll numbers up?"  

Wouldn't you rather elect a group of politicians led by their principles and beliefs overseeing a small Government where YOU and your rights under the Constitution come first?

As government expands, it begins to take away your rights, one at a time, slowly.

If you throw a frog into boiling water, he'll try to get out quickly.  If you put the frog in a pot of water and slowly turn up the heat, he'll let himself be cooked to death, not realizing what is happening.

America is sitting in a pot of water under which a fire has been lit.

There is an alternative:  The Libertarian Party, the party of principle and freedom.  It's currently the third largest political party in the US, and it's growing quickly.  Join in.

bulletTake back the freedom to run your life the way you want to.
bulletLower (or even abolish) income taxes.  And you decide how to save for retirement, not some bureaucrat.
bulletShrink the Government down to doing what it's supposed to do per the Constitution of the United States.
bulletGive individuals a sense of responsibility and pride in making their own decisions and life choices.
bulletWatch communities grow and become strong again as people learn to rely on themselves and work together with their neighbors instead of expecting Government to fix their problems.  See neighborhoods come back to life as violent criminals are jailed in place of "drug offenders", and witness gang violence diminish along with the profits from decriminalized drugs.

Years ago the United States was a cohesive country with its many groups---families, schools, churches, charities, and other organizations---working together for the betterment of all.  They did this successfully without Government intervention.  I believe we should return to a system where each of us is capable of contributing to our society and shining in our own way.  Government should help us, not get in the way.  It is time for a change.

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Small Government is Beautiful.  I hope you join me in supporting Libertarian candidates in Massachusetts and across the United States.

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