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...or, rather, headaches!

I'm a rank amateur with electronics, but I sometimes get really lucky and narrow something down to where I can figure out what's wrong. 


Fixing it is another issue.

Trying to do my own repairs is a challenge given my skill level, so it gives me a great deal of satisfaction--and a huge surprise--when I'm able to affect a repair.

ARP 2600

Don't even think about it.  This one went to the shop.  Click here for the story behind "The Problem Child".

Mellotron M400

Repairs to #805 and various other Mellotrons include...

bulletPinch roller, pressure pad, and keyboard adjustment
bulletTape lacing
bulletReplacing the wire from the head block to the preamp
bulletReplacing the bulb in the switch
bulletThe SMS-4 "low noise modification"
bulletCMC-10 replacement (with an SMS-5), which required rewiring a power supply---twice

More on 805's history is here, and younger brother #1037's story is here.

Ensoniq ESQ-1

bulletSymptom:  No MIDI in. 
Fix:  Replaced opto-coupler on the MIDI input.

Moog/Realistic MG-1

Too many problems to mention.  See the MG-1 page for more. 

Moog Minimoog

Unfortunately Minimoog #6128 is becoming one of those other "too many problems to mention" machines!  So it's getting its own page, and that includes a Repairs section.  Click here for more...