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Mark Shreeve's REDSHIFT

Sometimes a piece of "retro" Electronic Music is produced is such that it makes you sit up and take notice. Mark Shreeve's "Redshift" (Zomba/Champagne Lake Productions CLPCD002) is such an album.

Borrowing from the best of the Berlin School, Mark has put together lively sequences, flowing keyboard solos, and wonderful Mellotron into long and quite listenable pieces. And it's all done with "old" synth technology.

The most unusual track on the album is "Blueshift," which, like the first track "Redshift," is long and sequenced in parts, but "Blueshift" moves into a slowly fading layered keyboard solo until it finally diminishes into a heartbeat sound for about 8 or 10 minutes! About 3 minutes before the end of the song, however, the quiet heartbeat is broken by what might be termed as a musical heart attack---instruments straining to bang out a loud, cacaphonous chord---but then settling back in to something a bit more "normal" to let you recover.

"Redshift" consists of four tracks:
bulletRedshift - 18:38
bulletSpin - 8:20
bulletShine - 3:56 (not to be confused with the Psychedelic Furs song of the same name!)
bulletBlueshift - 33:04
bulletTOTAL - 64:18

Although not listed in the liner notes, there are additional performers on the album:
bulletJAMES GODDARD - keyboards
bulletJULIAN SHREEVE - keyboards
bulletROB JENKINS - guitar

Mark was also very kind in providing me a partial list of instruments used in the recording:
bulletMoog Modular 3C (extended with sequencer compliment)
bulletARP 2600
bulletS/E Midimoog
bulletMoog Sample+Hold
bulletTH48 Analogue Sequencer
bulletKurzweil K2000
bulletFender Rhodes
bulletRoland Juno 60
bulletOberheim Xpander
bulletPPG Wave 2.3
bulletYamaha CS30
bulletLogan String Machine
bulletKorg Wavestation
bulletRoland MKS50
bulletOberheim M1000

I know that Mark probably doesn't want to be compared to Tangerine Dream's best years (mid 70's), but here he should take it as a compliment! If you might like to hear what "Rubycon" would sound like added to "Ricochet", then "Redshift" would be a wise purchase!

Thanks to Kees Aerts (CUE Records) and Mark Shreeve.