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I've taken a few minutes to write up my thoughts about the music I'm listening to.  Some of these reviews are rather old, but I add to them as time goes on and I receive interesting pieces of music.

Reviewee artists include:

Lee Richards Shannon Taylor Fritz Doddy FSP Glimmer Room Kubusschnitt Lift Bjorne Lynne Redshift Rime ...kl...'s Web ToC


bulletI typically review CDs autographed or sent or given to me.  If someone takes the time to do that, I feel that I should take the time to review it!
bulletIf you would like your CD reviewed out here, just ask!  I may need a copy if I don't have one.
bulletYou are welcome to use brief quotes from any of these reviews on your web site, articles, CD jacket, whatever, provided appropriate credit is given.
bulletIf you wish to use more than just a quote or two, please create or publish a link to my web site http://www.kleonard.com instead and have folks get to the reviews that way.  If a link is not possible, please contact me, and we'll work something out.
bulletMy reviews are weird.  I look at albums mostly from a thematic standpoint and discuss what the artist put into my head about himself.  This is similar to a technique I learned in high school and used in college about how to analyze literary works.  I also comment on the instrumentation, arrangement, mix/sound quality, and presentation/artwork.
bulletFor fun or profit?  If your CD is for fun, I'll generally be more relaxed about it.  If your CD is commercial, I'll be a bit more brutal, but I will welcome your feedback, and I'll take that into consideration as I complete my drafts.

I assure you that writing a review for me is like pulling out my own wisdom teeth.  It is very difficult to get it down in words, which is why it takes a while and why I often ask the artist for feedback.  Perspective is a good thing.

Thanks to Beyond_EM'er Grant M. for reviewing and critiquing my reviews and for the valuable suggestions!