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Mellotron M400 #805 in action!

Pop and Circumstances

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Mellotron M400 #805 appears on
Michael Oliver & Go, Dog. Go!'s "Pop and Circumstances"!

Dear ol' M400 #805 appears on "Pop and Circumstances", a release by Michael Oliver & Go, Dog. Go! from the Buffalo, NY area.  Michael's brand of folk-rock, somewhere between Tom Petty and the Beatles (with a little Aimee Mann thrown in there on "Vamp and Fade"), brings out the more whimsical character of 805 and, of course, Ken M.'s #1001, which is also featured on the CD.

You may purchase both of Michael Oliver & Go, Dog. Go!'s CDs from Online Express Music.  Look for "Michael Oliver" in the "K to O" section.  Michael's first album "How Does This Work" is similar to the current release, and it's got "The Argyle Cat," which is a folk-rockin' little parable that's gotta be my fave.

For more information about Michael Oliver & Go, Dog. Go!:
P.O. Box 933
Buffalo, NY 14220
E-mail:  Over at AOL, he's Essex194

Thanks, Michael, for the CD and the mention in the liner notes.  Wow, this is so cool!  Excellent job, and best wishes for success with your albums!

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